Transformation Coaches

C&S Fitness transformation coaches are dedicated, educated & motivated to get you the best possible results in the quickest and most efficient way. 

We have more than 5 coaches and all our coaches come with an incredible mix of experience & skills to deliver YOU the very best results.

We have very high success rate in many different fields in the fitness industry including Sports Massage, Mindset & Life coaching, Professional Athletes & definately more importantly coaches that have experienced struggles, hurdles & normal daily lives – this gives a real insight to how and what normal and busy ladies just like yourself encounter.

Types Of Results

The results created by C&S Fitness are sustainable results due to the education & accountability group that is within our programs & our private innercirle of knowledge & support.  We have created a community in which there is only ONE desire – to get REAL results! 

In ONLY 10 weeks we have experienced 3 dress sizes lost and a whole new wardrobe needed!

It’s not always about the physical aspect of your journey that you will celebrate the most – you WILL celebrate that…but our community is uplifting and invigerates ladies to do the very best they can to educate those around them and also themselves.

100% recommended!!!!!

I have been at C&S for 8 months now. (The longest I have stayed at any gym). The reason is simple, each day I go in I am…

Posted by Danni Crossley on Friday, 3 August 2018

What We Offer

So C&S Fitness offer a variety of different programmes – All dependant on YOUR needs, demands & most importantly YOUR WHY.

We deliver what YOU need. We deliver small group training, large group training, 1-2-1 Personal Training, Over 60’s Personal Training.  We are open 7 DAYS a week.

We focus on all the different aspects of your journey from training, nutrition, mindset, life coaching, habitual changes, accountability & technique workshops.  

Once you become a member of C&S Fitness you get access to your own transformation coach 24/7 and have access to everything we offer.

You will never look back!

How We Got Here

C&S Fitness Ltd were founded in May 2017 after delivery outstanding results to ladies in and around Bridgwater Town in there local parks.

C&S Fitness then decided to take what they knew was an incredible and comfortable way for ladies to get results inside so invested their savings to a facility in Bridgwater.

Since having this facility they have increased facility size twice and are now increasing by moving in the Men’s Health (35+) population to increase the local communities health and wellbeing.

C&S Fitness started in the field and to remind themselves of where they come they run an annual C&S Games event for their current members which comprises of outdoor events like log carrying, tyre flipping and team building games.

? 6 Week Transformation Package ?

➡️ 6 WEEK TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE ⬅️ ⭕️ Only 5 Spaces Left ⭕️ ? UNLIMITED GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS ? 7 DAYS A WEEK ? LADIES ONLY ? EDUCATION ? ACCOUNTABILITY ? PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ? COMMUNITY ? LASER FOCUS ⛔️ What next⁉️ ✅ Comment 'YES' below?? ✅ Like & Share THIS Post ✅ Like our page for the latest information #candsfitness #ladiesonly #transformations #foundations #bridgwaterfitness #somersetfitness #bestresults

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? PROMO Video - 'Making A Better You Today' ?

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