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Who Are C&S Fitness...

Here at C&S Fitness, we ONLY work with women in the Bridgwater area. The reason for this is simple, WE GET IT!

We get what it is like to have to come home after a stressful day at work and have to cook for the whole family. We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do.

We get that you have let yourself go because you are now further down the list of important people in your family.

So what we do is simple, we coach you, we hold you accountable to those coaching points and create bespoke packages just for you so that can help you lose as much as 1.5 stone in 30 days and lead to that Life Long Transformation without having to go on any crazy diet or spend hours in the gym.

In ONLY 21 Days We Can Transform Your Body & Mindset. Try out our 21 Day £21 Challenge NOW! This is a in person PT programme NOT online!

Making A Better You Today

6 Week Ladies Lean Plan

Fed up of YOYO dieting? Fed up of not being given the facts, accountability and enjoying the process of dropping dress sizes? Then our transformation physique programmes are for you. We work with ladies that have NO experience in he gym environment to ladies who just want to gain lean muscle / confidence.

Book A FREE Transformation Session

We offer a FREE consultation to understand your WHY and also give you FREE expert advice on how to achieve your goals. No contracts, No Fees, No Obligations.

Personal Training

We also offer 1-2-1 Personal Training which is the fastest and most specific way to get to your desired results.  We design, deliver & adapt nutritional programmes to suit every individuals needs. 

A Few Of Our 6 Week Transformation Results...

Helena Aslett

Helena Aslett

recommends C&S Fitness

November 7, 2021 via Facebook

This month I’ve been with C&S for 2 years. I never imagined just how much of a positive impact it’d have on me, not just exercising - and enjoying it! But, my body shape changing (learning measurements and progress pictures are as important as what the scales say), a great outlet for stress/anxiety release, improved nutrition, confidence increase and the chance to meet so many fabulous people! The C&S community are brilliant! The members are supportive, make sessions fun and offer encouragement, often along with a lot of laughs! The coaches - Awesome! Incredible knowledge and each offer their own expertise/specialisms to help you progress in whatever your journey/goal is. They are 100% committed to giving the best possible experience and supporting you with hitting your goal. I can’t recommend this place enough, something very special and unique!

Becki Dawn

Becki Dawn

recommends C&S Fitness

October 18, 2021 via Facebook

I've just finished the 6 week programme and have experienced a totally different gym to any other. The trainers are so supportive and it really feels like they want me to succeed and push me in a safe way. I never thought I would look forward to going to the gym, I always thought it was a bit of a chore. However, I've not felt that once with C&S. I've even started getting up earlier to make a session before work. Really looking forward to continuing the journey, and the next 6 week programme in November!

Michaela Elizabeth

Michaela Elizabeth

recommends C&S Fitness

October 17, 2021 via Facebook

what can I say? prior to joining C&S, I had tried a few other gyms but couldn't get onto the classes and they had limited availability. I've been here for 6 weeks and have noticed such a change, both mentally and physically; I actually enjoy going to the gym and look forward to all the sessions and now try and go 5x a week. I am the strongest I have ever been and getting closer to being in the best physical shape of my life and that is after having had two kids. The women I train with are amazing and there is no judgement, just complete acceptance. Mentally, I find myself ready for the days ahead. I no longer get anxious about going, which was a really big thing for me. . The coaches are fantastic. They truly do support you and will push you to be the best you can be and also hold you accountable. I've found a gym that works for me and have met some fantastic people as a result. Will not be going anywhere else. thank you to everyone at C&S!

Katie Bartlett

Katie Bartlett

recommends C&S Fitness

October 13, 2021 via Facebook

Week 3 of the 21 day challenge. So far so good, feeling fresh, sleeping better, eating better and getting stronger. Just signed up for 6 months to get back into a bikini 👙 (well that’s the plan!) 😁. Thank you C&S ladies for keeping me going and for the support to push on. Your all inspirational!! Thank you to all of the C&S Team also, fantastic support in building my confident and showing me the way! 💕

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