The 6 Week Ladies Lean Transformation Plan

Bridgwater’s No. 1 Body Transformation Programme For Busy Ladies Who Have Got To That Point Where They Accept Traditional Gyms And Yo-Yo Diets Just Don’t Work.

If you sometimes struggle to find the motivation and time to train on a regular basis then it sounds like you could be a good fit.

Initial Educational Seminar & Nerve Easing Programme Explaining…
Before you start this 6 Week Ladies Lean Plan we get everyone together to go through many different aspects and answer any questions.

In the seminar we educate on Nutrition, Mindset, Training, Systems & Structure to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to start YOUR journey straight away.

UNLIMITED Group Personal Training SESSIONS…
All our sessions are available to YOU starting out on your journey.

During our 6 Week Programme, you will get access to all our sessions and including all the extra sessions we offer. Boxercise & Specific Strength Sessions.

There are over 40 sessions to choose from and in fact, we might even have added more sessions to our timetable.

You will train with ladies all on the same journey looking to drop a dress size or more and empower each other in doing so.

All led by an expert Personal Trainer to coach, educate & motivate you throughout your sessions.

Drop a dress size or 2 in this 6 Week Ladies Lean Programme.

SIMPLE, EASY TO COOK Nutrition support, Coaching & Accountability…
Nutrition counts for as much as 70-80% of your results, this means we need to help get you set up with your own nutrition formula. One that fits around your life, family & work.

You will have access to Meal Plans, Recipe Books, Shopping Lists, Downloads & Videos that you can take away and use.

Everything is designed for BUSY Ladies, meaning all meals are quick and easy to make. Plus tasty and family friendly!

Once you become a member, you will be entered into our PRIVATE support group where all our clients keep us updated, we keep them motivated and the results just keep on going.

From the coaches posting quick tips and challenges to clients asking questions and sharing wins or struggles.

We are all in this together and the PRIVATE member’s group is the perfect place to support each other.

We also have a Client Care Managers whose sole job is to help hold you accountable and focused during your 6 weeks.

Events, Certificates & More…
C&S Fitness is way more than just a gym, weight loss club or place to hang out with friends. We are a FAMILY!

Everyone supports, motivates, and encourages each other.

We have monthly events in and outside the studio from bowling and going out for food, doing something as simple going for a walk up the Quantocks with the dogs.

We have showers, a sofa area with Netflix for the kids and much more.

Secure your place on your 6 Week ladies lean plan now…

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After signing up you will be sent an email in which you will then be instructed on the next process.

Also one of our team will be in contact with you to have a quick phone consultation just to run through everything.